We are an Albanian Recruitment Agency, specializing in headhunting and helping companies with foreign roots recruit the people they need within Albania and Kosovo. We find a wide range of people; from simple sales personnel (and there is nothing simple about finding good sales staff), to country managers, marketing managers, CFO’s, IT professionals and others. Our recruitment agency understands the cultural differences between Albania and other countries andassist you in recruiting the right employees with which you can grow your business. With many years of experience in headhunting and recruiting, we know where to look to find the people you need for in your industry. We want to see your business be successful in Albania and Kosovo.

Our Services


Our main and delicate service is HeadHunting.
We are experts in offering this service in many business sectors.
Through this service, we assure to our client a cost and time saving alternative.


As a recruitment company we are constantly searching for talents. This can be achieved by doing a detailed market research, always in line with the search in our large database or using different communication channels to advertise the job vacancies.


Hire Me has a very qualified training Team that operates through the market. We operate with the latest training modules. Our professional team is expert in training the staff of every kind of industry in our market.


Businesses choose mystery shopping for a variety of reasons:
• To test the effectiveness of customer service programs
• To evaluate employee compliance to stated customer service goals
• To provide insight into customer satisfaction
• To build a solid foundation for the company


You will have an easier time hiring, because you are offering a local contract with a local entity under local laws but guaranteed by you. Your employee can rest assured that he is compliant with all local laws.


Employee services in a given country can be up and running in a very short timescale. No need to set up expensive, complex company infrastructures = low risk and minimal investment. Commitment can be limited to length of contract. Existing employees can be accommodated and/or new employees can be recruited. Central project management means single source responsibility. Simplified, strong communications.

Job Listings


Une quhem Eriona Beqiraj dhe vij nga nje ekperience 10 vjecare ne fushen e Marketingut. Para 1 viti jam kontaktuar nga Zj. Joana Cela, e cila perfaqeson kompanine e rekrutimit HireMe ne Tirane. Pas negociatave te shumta dhe fale profesionalitetit dhe korrektesise qe e karakterizon kete kompani, une aktualisht punoj si Menaxhere Marktingu ne nje nga kompanite me prestigjoze nderkombetare e quajtur ICTS Albania.
Faleminderit per punen dhe kohen e kushtuar ndaj meje.

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