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About the founder

Joana Çela

Mrs. Joana Çela, founder and Headhunting Executive of Hire Me Company, is an Albanian national. She grew up in Albania, speaking English, Italian and Spanish with a big dream, to be a successful entrepreneur, helping people to find their dream job as well the Companies, finding the dream team.

Joana was graduated from University of Tirana in Political Sciences. Later on she got a master degree in Public Relations& Communication, making her move forward with her big planes to be involved in the headhunting sector deeply. After seven years of hard work and experience in Headhunting Sector and after working many hours as a recruiting manager, Joana decided to create her own brand, putting inside her vision and her big love, to a Company that seems to be successful since in the first days of her start.

After a numerous trainings, and experiences Joana, works now for the biggest Companies in Albania and Kosovo! Dedicating most of her day to the Company despite the fact of being a mother.

Furthermore since in the first year, she has founded the best qualified employs for foreign Companies as well!

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